Self Payment Kiosk

We create, develop, and produce specific solutions for any multimedia kiosks. From simple queue management kiosk to self-service payment kiosk, Nabia is the first Portuguese company to have payment software certified by SIBS (a large scale payments specialist) to Windows 10.


Taylor Made Development (web, mobile, server)

With special attention to high performance, user experience, and stability, we create solutions to improve your client experience, with a direct and significant impact on your business goals.


Strategy Consulting

We provide specialized financial and business advisory services in the areas of innovation and funding. We work around your project to ensure its feasibility and funding. Nabia Solutions presents a top quality service aiming the success of your business.



Through the years, our team has developed an exceptional and deep knowledge on digital multi-platforms.

Our passion is to help transform every interaction with your customers in a memorable moment directly impacting your business results. To do that, we craft solutions that combine the latest technology with user experience and inventiveness.

From web/mobile and server applications to multimedia Kiosks, our goal is to craft innovative solutions that meet your needs and help achieve your business goals.