Strategy Consulting

Nabia Solutions provide expert business consultancy to medium and large companies.
Our highly trained team of specialists in key business areas aims to provide the best strategy and financial advisory services in the areas of innovation and funding.
Our financial and strategy department has over 10 years’ experience in the market. Since its beginning, Nabia Solutions has developed skills in certain areas and industries, deepening knowledge and experience that enable it to support companies and organizations in their expansion and help them solve critical financial situations.
We offer planning and multidimensional analysis of your company in order to assure Business Plans, Feasibility Analysis that underline all aspects of your business in what concerns funding, implementation of innovative solutions. The goal is increase the quality of service provided to your customers with relevant impact is your results.

Some of our Services:

• Business Plans Elaboration
• Feasibility Analysis
• Application to Public Incentives
• Investment/innovation Projects Analysis
• Market Analysis
The goal of these services is to structure your business guarantying adequate funding in the implementation of your project as well as the fulfillment of every financial and operational aspects.