Clínica Espregueira Mendes

One of our major concerns is to add value to our clients companies contributing direct or indirectly to the economy growth, to job creation and to the development of markets.
We not only aim our client’s total satisfaction, but our broad vision also targets the improvement of the economy through the optimization of our clients businesses never forgetting our social responsibility.
We enjoy working in every project we embrace. It’s part of our nature to have pride in our work. We do it the right way because we simply love what we do. This has been the key for the gowth of our company and a major appealing aspect to our great clients.
It was this philosophy and work methodology which allowed us to be selected by the Espregueira Mendes Sports Center to be the entity consultant in the framework of investment projects.
We have already managed to raise several public funds for the completion of various projects of the clinic, from research and development of new products to internationalization.